The Order of the Arrow (OA), founded in 1915, is the Boy Scouts of America's National Honor Society. The OA recognizes Scouts and Scouters that best exemplify the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law and live those ideals in the daily lives.

Members of the Order of the Arrow, known as Arrowmen, stand as models to encourage others to live these ideals as well. Through the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service, the members of Pellissippi Lodge 230 serve as an important part of maintaining Camp Buck Toms and Camp Pellissippi as well as BSA's High Adventure Bases such as Philmont and Northern Tier.

Members are also known for promoting the Great Smoky Mountain Council's long-term resident camping programs, year-round camping with-in troops. and generally maintaining the spirit and traditions of camping. The OA provides some of the very best programs for members to grow and reach their fullest potential through service, activities, high adventures and training.

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