Camp Buck Toms History

In 1952, new Scout Executive Charlie Hudson recognized the need for a new Scout Camp to be built. At the time Camp Pellissippi was becoming overbooked and due to the growth in membership of the council. It was also realized that Camp Pellissippi could not be enlarged due to the restrictions placed on the council by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Hudson and William P. Toms along with a few other volunteers looked for a piece of property that would have more acreage. A new piece of property was located on Watts Bar Lake and the council purchased the property later in the year. The council, wanting to show its gratitude to one of its early leaders, named the Camp for Toms, calling it Buck Toms Reservation. To help prepare the camp, Pellissippi Lodge held an Ordeal at the property in 1954.

Starting in the summer of 1955, the Camp opened its doors to scouts for the first time. The first year of camp, there were no buildings and the program was provided by the units that camped there since the staff at Camp Pellissippi could not be split to work at both camps. The food was also provided by each of the units to cook for themselves. During the first summer, the campers came to camp by boat from Kingston since the road to the camp was inadequate. Starting 1957, the camp was renamed to Camp Buck Toms. Since then, the camp has continued to serve as a place of adventure for scouts in East Tennessee.